About us

Molten Metal Systems, a business of Morgan Advanced Materials plc, offers one of the industry’s most extensive ranges of crucibles and is supported by unmatched technical expertise. This enables us to offer customers the perfect crucible for their specific application.

With a worldwide network of sales experts, hundreds of distribution partners and the global reach of five international manufacturing locations, our products can be found in every corner of the globe. We are driven by multiple end-use markets, including:

  • Non-ferrous castings for the automotive, aerospace, marine and rail markets;
  • The recycling and refining of precious metals;
  • The production of metal powder for the cosmetics, aerospace and defense markets;
  • Copper and brass castings for the construction, chemical processing and oil and gas sectors;
  • The production of pure aluminum for electronics applications;
  • Production of zinc and zinc oxide required in the production of plastics, ceramics, glass, cement, rubber and pharmaceuticals;
  • Alternative energy applications including wind and solar;

While best known for our market-leading position in the supply of crucibles, we also offer a wide selection of foundry consumables such as thermocouple sheaths, coatings, tubes, launders, cements and special shapes.

Morgan Molten Metal Systems has a long history of combining engineered crucible expertise with an in-depth knowledge of foundry applications. We use the best technology to create the best product.

About us

Molten Metal Systems is a business within Morgan Advanced Materials plc.


Morgan Advanced Materials plc is registered in England
Registered office at Quadrant, 55-57 High Street, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1LP. Company number: 286773.

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