With more than 150 years experience, Molten Metal Systems is the recognized leader worldwide in the supply of crucibles to non-ferrous metals industries.

Molten Metal Systems crucibles and foundry products provide melting solutions to foundries, die-casters and metal melting facilities covering melting applications that include zinc, precious metals, aluminium, copper/brass/bronze and other non-ferrous metals.

Let us handle your toughest melting applications.

Featured Products

Syncarb Z2 e2 is a premium quality hybrid ceramic bonded clay graphite crucible with a high silicon carbide and graphite content that is manufactured through an advanced iso-static pressing process.

This crucible features superior thermal conductivity over its entire operating temperature range, high mechanical strength, good shock and erosion resistance. These properties provide a durable and robust crucible with excellent performance characteristics in lower temperature environments.  Click here for further information.

STARRBIDE crucibles are made from high quality tar-bonded silicon carbide.

These crucibles provide consistent performance for aluminum as well as for higher temperature alloys such as brass and bronzes and feature:

  • Good thermal shock resistance
  • Good resistance to attack by chemical treatment agents
  • High mechanical strength

STARRBIDE crucibles are available in a comprehensive range of shapes and sizes to suit most end-user requirements. Custom sizes available by special request.  Click here for more information.


EXCEL and HIMELT are high quality carbon-bonded silicon carbide crucibles manufactured using the latest roller-forming techniques and are designed to cater for a range of non-ferrous melting applications.

EXCEL: Intended for aluminium melting in oil-fired furnaces, melting copper-based alloys in gas and oil-fired furnaces, melting precious metals and non-ferrous alloys in low to medium frequency induction furnaces.

HIMELT: Provides enhanced performance in those applications where more arduous service conditions exist.  For further information, click here.

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