Molten Metal Systems

Quality Policy

Guiding principles underpinning Morgan MMS’s quality policy.


Our defined key goal is excellence of quality.


The core of our corporate philosophy is to ensure that our customers, employees and all other interested parties enjoy unlimited satisfaction.


“Zero errors” is the personal goal for every one of our employees. Our strategies are prevention through error analyses, managed, error-free production processes and error correction prior to delivery.


A deciding role in fulfilling these claims is our own quality awareness. We want to achieve constant improvements in this area through training, information and communication. This is the basis for quality-aware and efficient work.


Because we promote the identification of all employees with our corporate goals, active information, consistent involvement in important operational decisions and targeted assignment of individual responsibility all go without saying.


Through advance quality planning in conjunction with development, purchasing, production, sales and administration we want to achieve the best possible quality for our products and services.


By selecting appropriate bought-in products and services as well as suppliers with an awareness of quality, we want to achieve the best possible procurement quality.


We want to be able to make our products and services available to our customers in the desired structure and quantity and in good time. We want to achieve this goal through careful planning, cautious handling of machinery and materials throughout the material flow chain and implement powerful communications systems.


To achieve these goals we maintain a comprehensive, effective and thorough quality management system based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.


Co-operation on a partnership basis with our customers, suppliers, employees and all other interested parties enables us to fulfil all demands on our business and ensures long-term business successes. This will also serve to achieve constant growth in our numbers of satisfied customers, in particular.