Molten Metal Systems

Gas Fired Heater Sheath

Morgan Advanced Materials' Molten Metal Systems business has developed a heater sheath and gas diverter system using advanced bonding technology for use in zinc melting and holding processes.

Our heater sheath is manufactured using a high pressure isostatic press to form the carbon bonded silicon carbide material into a consistent high quality product. The sheath is then further treated to give a very high resistance to oxidation and extended service life. The properties obtained provide zinc melters and galvanizers, using gas fired immersion heater furnaces, with a cost effective consumable which reduces maintenance and downtime.


  • Sheath in wear resistant silicon carbide for long life.
  • High pressure isostatic press manufacture.
  • Treated for additional anti-oxidation properties.


  • Superior erosion resistance.
  • High resistance to chemical erosion.
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance.
  • High mechanical strength.
  • High consistent density.
  • Sheath and diverter from single source supplier.
  • Long life for reduced cost.