Molten Metal Systems


Through a century and a half of continuous engineering innovation, Morgan Advanced Materials has been a recognised name in crucibles and foundry products.

The company dates back to 1856 when six Morgan brothers began making their patented graphite crucibles in Battersea, now part of London, England.

Our technology capability has been developed and fine tuned from global research and product development facilities which form part of our operations worldwide. Our key growth opportunities are driven by multiple end-use markets. These include:

  • Aerospace
  • Manufacturing
  • Power generation
  • Electronics
  • Petrochemical
  • Mining
  • Medicine
  • Transportation
  • Defence

A Tradition of Innovation and Success

The Molten Metal Systems business of Morgan Advanced Materials is recognized as a technology leader, providing crucibles and engineered consumables for the metals industry. With manufacturing and distribution centres in Brazil, China, India and Germany and additional distribution centres in the United States, Mexico and South America, we have the ability to respond quickly to customer needs worldwide.

Broadest Line of Crucibles

Known for its extensive line of crucible shapes and sizes, we are able to manufacture products that use carefully selected materials designed to precisely match the characteristics and operational performance to each customer’s metal melting, holding or transfer application. In addition our world class crucibles are supported by a broad range of other engineered ceramic products designed to make metal casting operations more productive.

Thanks to our carefully cultivated synergies within the Morgan group and our continued product development efforts, metal casting customers can look forward to new and innovative products designed to maximise their productivity.