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The flushing of molten metal with nitrogen or argon is used in aluminium foundries and refineries as a simple and effective method for degassing molten metal prior to casting. 

Our Salamander® Plumbago degassing tubes offer a low capital investment option for degassing aluminium in small to medium crucibles. 

Performance characteristics

Our degassing lances offer a low cost method for degassing molten aluminium in small to medium crucibles and furnaces. 


Salamander® Plumbago degassing tubes are identified using the notation VGT. 

Pattern range

All our standard Salamander® Pumbago steel degassing tubes have an internal diameter of 13mm and an outer diameter of 51mm, except for the shortest models which are 38mm OD. They are available in lengths from 475mm to 1200mm and feature either open ends or a porous plug design with or without 1/2'” steel threaded pipe. 


Our Salamander® Plumbago steel degassing tubes are made from premium grade raw materials under ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

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