Molten Metal Systems

Blue Lightning Thermocouple Sheath

The Morgan Blue Lightning Thermocouple Sheaths offer superior protection, excellent service life, quick response and ease of use for aluminium and other non-ferrous melting and holding applications.

Morgan Blue Lightning Thermocouple Sheaths are available with either a ½” BSP, ¾” NPT pipe or without a pipe as a straight ceramic sheath for higher temperature copper applications. The pipe versions are also available as a complete pyrometer assembly to help speed-up installation and reduce labour costs.


The pyrometer assembly comes ready for the tough foundry environment and is inspected and tested prior to shipment. They are specifically designed to provide a quick and technician free change out of the existing pyrometer with no additional effort other than plugging in the new pyrometer and screwing on the sheath.

Assembled, tested and includes:
• Blue Lightning Thermocouple Sheath
• Thermocouple (type K)
• Horizontal pipe and fittings
• Junction head and connectors
• Stainless sheathed lead (2m)
• Male connector
• Female connector (for connection to furnace)