Molten Metal Systems


Made from high quality clay graphite material, our Salamander® Plumbago pre-fired launders are used as spouts and channels for the transfer of molten metal, for example, from furnace to ladle (or vice versa).

The range includes sizes and profiles to suit most runner systems and features very high resistance to erosion for long-life and virtually maintenance-free operation.


Salamander® Plumbago launders are suitable for use in all molten metal transfer systems, including spout, furnace to ladle and ladle to furnace.  

The range includes profile shapes suitable for applications including:

  • Cupola (teapot) spout designed for use with a casting ladle. The non-wetting properties of the clay graphite help to reduce slag build-up, minimising cleaning required.
  • Deep profile for operations where the flow of metal is greater. This design ensures the molten metal is contained.
  • Large profile ideal for long-service life molten metal transfer applications such as ladle to furnace or furnace to ladle in high volume foundries.

Performance Characteristics

  • Low maintenance - high resistance pre-fired shapes are robust in operation.
  • Good metal flow - non-wetting properties of clay graphite minimise cleaning requirement.
  • Sizes and profiles suitable for most molten metal transfer systems.


Salamander® Plumbago launders are denoted by the prefix N3.

Pattern Range

Launders are available in a range of standard profiles and lengths to suit different applications and custom sizes can be made to suit the customer’s needs. 


Our Salamander® Plumbago products are made from premium grade raw materials under ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.