Molten Metal Systems

Ladle Liners

Morgan Molten Metals Systems Salamander® ladle liners are designed for use with the steel ladle shells used in metal foundries.

Made from super clay graphite or Excel silicon-bonded silicon carbide and available in a wide range of sizes, these high endurance liners are easy to fit and offer long life with no need for patching. They can be supplied in standard or bottom-pour tea-pot designs.


Salamander® ladle liners can be used with steel ladle shells in foundry processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys including iron, brass, bronze and other copper alloys, aluminium, zinc and precious metals with temperatures up to 1600C (2900F).

Performance Characteristics

  • High quality liner helps keep molten metal free from gas and impurities.
  • Robust construction ensures long life in harsh foundry conditions.
  • Advanced materials offer high resistance to oxidation and thermal shock.
  • Various bottom pour tea-pot configurations available to minimize slag and dross inclusion in the casting pours. 


Salamander® ladle liners made from clay graphite are identified using the notation L, LB and LT. 

Salamander® ladle liners made from silicon carbide are identified using the notation LX, LBX and LTX. 

Pattern Range

Salamander® ladle liners are available in a wide range of standard diameter and height sizes; from 2.4 to 156.6L brimful capacity* (clay graphite) and from 15.4 to 140.8L (silicon carbide) with custom sizes available upon request. 

All designs can be supplied in standard top-pour versions, or with a riser tube and / or cover plate for bottom-pour arrangements. 

*Please note that the working capacity is calculated as 90% of the brimful capacity when melting brass, specific gravity 8.75. 


Salamander ladle liners are made from premium grade raw materials under ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.