Molten Metal Systems

Stopper Rods

We have developed a new range of stopper rods (or monoblock stoppers) for ferrous foundry applications.

Our various laboratory trials resulted in an alumina graphite composition which is now used primarily for grey and ductile iron applications. Our ceramic-bonded stopper rods have a refractoriness of 1600 – 1700°C with significant strength and erosion resistance making them the right choice for Auto Pour applications i.e. unheated tundish systems as well as press-pour systems.

Our advanced technology of material processing results in a homogenous structure, which yields excellent performance within customer applications.

Chemical Composition
C 32-36% 
SiO₂ 12-16%
Si 4-6%
Al2O3 33-37%
Na₂0, K₂0, Fe2O3, B2O3 & others 8-10%


Physical Properties
Density 2.2-2.3 g/cm²
Porosity (in water) 15-17%
Cold compression strength (CCS) 20-24 MPa