Molten Metal Systems

Excel & Himelt

Excel and Himelt are high quality carbon-bonded silicon carbide crucibles manufactured using the latest roller-forming techniques and are designed to cater for a range of non-ferrous melting applications.


Excel is intended for aluminium melting in oil-fired furnaces, melting copper-based alloys in gas-fired and oil-fired furnaces, melting precious metals and non-ferrous alloys in low to medium frequency induction furnaces. Himelt provides enhanced performance in those applications where more arduous service conditions exist.  

Excel & Himelt Typical Metal Casting Temperature 

Excel 850°C - 1250°C (1562°F - 2280°F).

Himelt 1000°C - 1400°C (1830°F - 2550°F).

Performance Characteristics

  • Fast melting speed through high consistent thermal conductivity.
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance.
  • High resistance to oxidation.
  • Good erosion resistance.
  • Good resistance to corrosive attack by chemical treatment agents.


Excel crucibles are coloured dark red and utilise the code X. e.g. AX800. Himelt crucibles are coloured bright red and utilize the code HM e.g. AHM800.

Pattern Range

Excel and Himelt crucibles are available in a comprehensive range of shapes and sizes to suit most end user requirements. Custom sizes can be supplied by special request. Heavy Wall (HW) versions can be supplied for increased life in arduous applications and a selection of fixed pouring spouts with optimised profiles is offered where required for tilting furnaces. Excel and Himelt crucibles can be supplied with our unique coating system, which can assist with metal cleanliness and prevention of dross adhesion.

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Excel and Himelt crucibles are manufactured from premium grade raw materials under an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.