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VAluStar™ is the latest and most advanced family of crucibles developed by Morgan Molten Metal Systems.

It is a high density, clay bonded, iso-statically pressed crucible, which has a high graphite and SiC content to give it a superior mechanical strength. 

VAluStar™ has excellent internal and external glazes, which prevent low temperature oxidation, and degradation of the crucible, that are common in aluminium and other low temperature alloys, when used over extended periods.

As a result, VAluStar™ has a significantly longer life than all other iso-statically pressed crucibles for lower temperature applications and retains its good thermal conductivity over the entire life. VAluStar™, when combined with Star coating, delivers significantly less dross adhesion and reduced impurities in holding applications. 


VAluStar™ crucibles are designed to perform exceptionally well to hold aluminium and aluminium alloys in electric resistance furnaces.

Typical Metal Casting Temperature 

700 – 1000 °C (1292 °F – 1832 °F).

Performance Characteristics

  • Significantly longer life due to higher oxidation resistance.
  • Excellent thermal conductivity and good thermal shock resistance.
  • High mechanical strength.
  • Good erosion resistance.


VAluStar™ crucibles are finished with a blue Low Temperature Protection (LTP) coating.

Pattern Range

VAluStar™ crucibles are available in wide range of shapes and sizes, as per our current range of crucible models i.e. A, BU, BN, TP & TBN. The crucible can also be supplied with specialised & patented coatings developed by Morgan Molten Metal Systems to enhance specific properties required in the application.

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VAluStar™ crucibles are manufactured from premium grade raw materials under an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.