Molten Metal Systems


XL - Crucibles are premium quality, high capacity, clay graphite crucibles with a high silicon carbide and graphite content that is manufactured through an advanced iso-static pressing process.

Morgan Molten Metal Systems uses a proprietary processing technology that results in a product with a very homogenous and high density structure.

This allows the crucible to obtain superior thermal conductivity over its entire operating temperature range, high mechanical strength and erosion resist-ance along with good thermal shock resistance. These properties translate into a durable and robust crucible with excellent performance characteristics.


XL - Crucibles are designed to perform exceptionally well to melt and hold aluminium and aluminium alloys in electric resistance furnaces.

Typical Metal Casting Temperature 

VAluStar™ Grade: 700°C - 1000°C (1292°F - 1832°F)
Z2e² Grade: 400°C - 1100°C (752°F - 2012°F)

Performance Characteristics

  • High capacity.
  • Very good thermal conductivity.
  • Very good resistance to chemical attack.
  • Good thermal shock resistance.
  • High mechanical strength and good erosion resistance.


XL - Crucibles are finished with a grey (Z2e²)/ blue (VAluStar™) Low Temperature Protection (LTP) coating.

Pattern Range


Size H (mm) D (mm) d (mm) H (mm) D (mm) d (mm
1525  1050 1525 650      
1450       1450 1270 1160

Contact us for a specific recommendation based on your requirements.


XL-Crucibles are manufactured from premium grade raw materials under an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.